What We Think, We Become.

The Road to BRANDcebo

BRANDcebo takes a startling look at the effect brands have on our mental, emotional, and physical states.

The King, the Golem, and the Ray-Ban Glasses

The Placebo Effect Over Time

Romancing the Brand

How to Turn Brand Consumers into Brand Lovers

Branding and the Art of the Self-fulfilling Prophecy

How to Turn Brand Perception into Performance Expectation


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

How Consumers Self-express Through Brands

The Ricochet Effect

How Desirable Brands Directly Affect Product Performance of Competitive Brands

Building BRANDcebo

How to Transform Brand Loyalty into Brand Dependency

Doron Malka

The Author

Doctor of Marketing and Branding Guru

Doron Malka was born and raised in Jerusalem — perhaps the most admired city-brand in the world. Dr. Malka is the founder and president of Ameba Marketing, an award-winning branding and advertising agency in San Diego, California. For over 20 years, Doron has personally crafted and managed hundreds of cutting-edge branding, marketing, and public relations campaigns for leading national and international clients.


What our readers have to say

Here are just some of the responses from people who've read BRANDcebo!

Among the flurry of marketing and branding books, BRANDcebo offers a breath of fresh air. It does not preach differentiation, it exemplifies it. First and foremost, by introducing intriguing new foundational concepts: the placebo effect of brands and the ricochet effect. These are not only grounded in the latest neurological research, but validated through compelling controlled experiments and vast professional experience. Second, the narrative style showcases the transformation of Doron's personal journey into a professional one, making it entertaining and fun to read.
Claude D. Benchimol, Ph.D.
President, Demol Innovation LLC
Doron Malka opens the door not only for marketing researchers, but also for anyone who wonders about the nature of the relationships we create with brands.
Denis Charbit, Ph.D.
Department of Sociology, Political Science and Communication, 
The Open University, Israel
I had never thought about this before and it made me smile when thinking back to my first pair of Adidas running shoes. I know I ran faster and played better for no other reason that the ‘BRANDcebo’ effect this brand had on me.
Chistopher Lischewski
President & CEO, Bumble Bee Seafoods
A must-read primer for anyone considering the topic of branding. 
This book is more than a snapshot of classical branding methods. Read this book and learn a new approach to branding that takes into account a placebo effect similar to what is witnessed in the drug industry.
Guri Stark
CEO, CorTechs Labs

"BRANDcebo offers a dramatic shift in the way we think about brands and the intimate relationships we have with them."

Doron Malka


Building BRANDcebo

Understanding the true effects of branding is key to discovering how to truly market to our clients.


Priming + Expectation + Desire = BRANDcebo

From Brand Loyalty to Brand Dependency — Transforming the Traditional Brand Building Model

Awareness → Priming

Priming takes brand awareness to a whole new level of engagement. It ensures that customers do not only recollect the brand name, but also believe in its message and promise. Effective priming creates the desirable mindset that elicits a favorable emotional response to the brand.

Perception → Expectation

Brand perception is simply a consumer’s opinion with little-to-no tangible cognitive value. Brand expectation, on the other hand, prompts real anticipation to experience the promised, and believed, superior product performance.

Interest → Desire

Desire adds a heavy emotional component to simple brand Interest. By creating desire, we engage the hearts and guts of our customers, and empower them to become powerful influencers in their purchasing decision process, and overall brand experience.

Loyalty → Dependency

In a highly competitive marketplace, brand loyalty is an ever-diminishing sentiment. By effectively combining Priming, Expectation and Desire, we embody consumers’ values and aspirations, and genuinely enhance consumers’ lives or lifestyle. Consumers become brand-dependent when the brand effectively aligns with who they are, and meaningfully delivers on their physical, emotional or social aspirations.

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